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Teratherm designs and installs residential and commercial ground source heat pumps. Ground source heat pumps use energy that is always in your yard to supply all your household heating & cooling needs cutting your energy costs by up to 70%.Teratherm has the training and ground source experience to design the right system for your property's unique characteristics. And, because Teratherm installers do nothing but geothermal, they can recognize and solve many of the unique issues each property presents that "One Stop Shops" may not be experienced enough to address or even identify.

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Trends In New Construction

According to the NAHB's Eye on Housing blog, a survey found that nearly a quarter of surveyed builders installed alternative energy-producing equipment on new construction projects last year, with 82 percent of respondents reporting that they had installed geothermal heat pumps...


Teratherm designs both vertical (borehole) and horizontal (slinky trench) systems. Click here to see a slinky installation Teratherm performed. We can even install a system in a pond! We design and install the best system that will fit your home and property.

Teratherm horizontal slinkie

Teratherm also offers standby generator installation to power Climatemaster Systems as well as all other standby power needs.

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