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From cozy neighborhoods to wide open spaces

Teratherm designs and installs residential and commercial ground source heat pumps.

Ground source heat pumps use energy that is always in your yard to supply all your household heating & cooling needs cutting your energy costs by up to 70%.Teratherm has the training and ground source experience to design the right system for your property's unique characteristics. And, because Teratherm does nothing but geothermal, we have the experience to be able to recognize and design to many of the unique characteristics each property presents.

Federal 30% Tax Credit Re-Newed!

Residential installations are eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit through 2019. 26% in 2020 and 22% in 2021. Call Teratherm to get full details on the re-instated 30% Tax Credit as well as possible local utility rebates in your area.

Commercial applications are now eligible for a 10% credit as well.

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Teratherm designs both vertical (borehole) and horizontal (slinky trench) systems. Click here to see a slinky installation Teratherm performed. We can even install a system in a pond! We design and install the best system that will fit your home and property.

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